Woohoo for spring break! My husband works for a college, so while he still had to work this past week, he had shortened hours and even worked from home for two of the days. This gave us some time to get some things done around the house, hence the relative boggy silence this past week.

I am happy to report that we finally painted our bedroom. It took us 6 months after moving in for me to decide what direction decor-wise I finally wanted to go with it. {I have a hard time making decisions sometimes…} But now as I look at it, I am so glad I waited to get it exactly right before jumping into it.

When we first moved in, almost all the walls were painted a really yucky white color. I’m glad for the neutral color though, since that means that it was something we could live with for a few months while we decided on paint colors. It could have been an obnoxious orange or something. But I am sooooo glad to have more and more of the white stuff gone.

Day_1 012

For whatever reason, I have no pictures of our bedroom with furniture in it. Just these couple of pics from move-in day.

Day_1 014

I spent a lot of time on Monday painting all the trim in our master bathroom, closet, and finishing in the bedroom. Before we moved in I had the baseboards done, but needed to do the window and door frames. It took about 3 coats and 6 hours, but it was finally done, and oh, what a difference.

Friday and Saturday were designated as “painting days”. We started around 7pm on Friday, and finished around 6pm on Saturday, with a Home Depot/Antique Store/Panara Bread trip on Saturday morning that delayed the start time that day to about noon.

I can’t really describe the style of our room now. It’s kinda vintage/comfy/contemporary, if that makes any sense at all. I wanted our room to be calm and cozy, almost like a retreat, but also uncluttered and streamlined. I actually took my cue from hotels. I’ve been in a few pretty swanky hotels over the past couple years, and I love the relaxed and upscale feel they have to them, as well as the attention to detail that’s shown. I originally planned on blue and brown for our bedroom. It’s now blue, brown, white, gray, and yellow. I may be slightly bad at deciding on just one color…

So enough about that. Here are some pictures…

2012-03-19 11.33.15

We are planning on hanging white curtains up for the windows soon.

A word about the color. I don’t have a name for it {sorry, all of you who asked!}. I actually call it our paint miracle. See, a couple months ago I showed Andrew a picture of a room and said, “I like the paint color.” He agreed it looked nice, and that was that. A couple days later, I was looking at the oops-we-mixed-the-wrong-color-discounted-paints at Home Depot and saw a gallon of Behr paint that was the perfect color. It was {are you ready for this?} $7!! I know. Get out of town. We spent $11 on a color-matched quart to finish the room, so in all, we spent $18 on some really nice paint. Who says God doesn’t care about paint color? {PS: If you really want to know the exact color, contact me and I’ll send you the color-match code thingys.}

In this corner, we’re still looking for a chair and little table to go here, so for now, the basket of blankets and a bench have to do.

2012-03-19 11.29.42

We plan to hang white curtains in front of the closet {doors are impractical due to the door to the bedroom getting in the way.}, and might extend them to cover the bathroom door instead of putting the door back up. I know that sounds weird, but it’s a really ugly door, plus it’s such a small bathroom that the door really takes up a lot of space when it’s open and it feels crowded when it’s closed. I’ll let you know what we decide. A pocket door would be amazing. Any DIY tutorials on that floating around out there??

2012-03-19 11.32.15

Ok, here is my favorite part: the bed/dressers combo. I am so in love. First of all the dressers:

2012-03-19 11.27.59

We got both for $90 at a local antique-ish store. Original price together would have been over $140. So we got a super deal.

2012-03-19 11.28.16

The brown one is cedar, and I thought about painting it to “match” the gray one, but 1) I am loving how it just works in here, 2) I don’t want to paint anymore furniture than I already have on my to-paint list, and 3) the “his” and “hers” dresser thing is just all kinds of cute. For now, it stays as-is.

I am so head-over-heels with my dresser.

2012-03-19 11.34.07

Look at the lovely detail stenciled on top!

2012-03-19 11.28.47

Quick details on the bed:

gray duvet cover and matching pillow shams: Ikea {$40?}

brown blanket: Ikea {$20 or $30}

brown throw pillows: Wamart {snagged them for $3 each last Friday at the Myrtle School one in Gastonia for you local peeps looking for a steal}

Gray throw pillow: made the case myself

2012-03-19 11.33.30

As mentioned before, I love hotels and the layered look of their beds. I tried to mimic that in our room

Now for a quick peek at our bathroom: We mixed two colors for the paint {concentrated chromium and antique silver both by Olympic}, and so far we seem to like it. A piece of advice: use something to take off the hairspray residue that may be on your bathroom walls before you start painting. If you don’t….you may have issues getting paint to stick. We used liquid degreaser after finding this out the hard way.

2012-03-19 11.26.42

We would love to replace the vanity, so that explains the half-done style going on right now. And we still need to cover that last outlet, also, we’re looking at replacing the flooring {the only room in the house without new flooring}. More on that later…

2012-03-19 11.26.49

So there you have it. A {long} post on how much I love the new bedroom/bathroom decor. Plans for both include:

something bigger in the bathroom to hold all my junk toiletries and stuff

hanging our floor-length mirror somewhere

hanging my necklace holder and a shelf in the bathroom

hanging curtains

finding some great art for over the bed, I’m thinking yellow and word art {loving this and this and this except in yellow and this is kinda cute and maybe something like this or this} maybe paired with this or this

put pictures up on other walls

Lots to do, but I am sooooo excited!! So….what do you think?



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6 Comments on painting

  1. Holly, this is my friend Christa’s blog (who also lives there in Charlotte but not ABC affilated :). Her guest room is about the same color blue and she has done some fun yellow and white accents. Thought maybe you might want some inspiration :)

    Love the yellow accents you have planned and can’t wait to see the white curtains!


    • Holly says:

      Wow, that is a perfect link. Christa’s and my paths have crossed a few times at various functions, but I’ve never formally met her. Need to do that one of these days. :) Thank you!!

  2. Girl, it is beautiful! So excited for you!!!! Gonna pop in and see it sometime this week!

  3. Jackie says:

    Another optio would be sliding doors for the closet? :) But curtains would work too!

    • Holly says:

      Yeah, we have talked about that, but I really don’t like sliding doors. We had them when I was a girl and I hated that I couldn’t get to all my clothes at once. First world problem, huh? :)

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