So, yeah, about that. Where did 2011 go, because I’m pretty sure I blinked and it flew by. 2012 is going to be a super exciting year for me. Lots and lots going on and lots of new plans. I’m excited about a few new projects I want to start and new things to learn.

We had a great time in Chicago for Christmas this year. It was way too quick, but a good time. Only two yucky things. One was that I was soooo sick the whole time we were there. I managed to avoid the yucky cold/sore throat thing that my entire office and husband had until Friday when we drove up to the in-laws. Of course, once we got there, I couldn’t take a second from all the fun stuff to rest and get better. So I spent all of Christmas weekend faking it with a low grade fever and sore throat. This is the best family picture ever, taken on Christmas Eve after the service:

The other junky thing: everybody and their mother, brother, sister, and uncle asked if we were pregnant/when a baby was coming. Seriously peeps? There is no baby. Period. The end. When there is one coming, we’ll let you know. Sigh. It’s the curse of being married for over a year and no baby in sight. I somewhat expected it, but it was still annoying. Ok, rant over.

New Years weekend was the best ever. My sister had been in town for a couple days, so we took her to the airport on New Years Eve and then headed to Home Depot {because that’s my happy place} to get all kinds of nifty organizational things for our woefully unorganized closets. We spent all weekend installing shelves and stuffs and it was great. Church was canceled all day Sunday due to a really super bad flu bug going around. Half the church was down, so services were canceled. The husband and I finished an amazing nifty project that I’ll have to show you in a couple days. It has to do with a closet and a desk and I’m in looove.

We both had the day after New Years off, so our three day weekend felt like an entire week off. It was that relaxing. Seriously. We spent it doing DIY things and watching the entire Lord of the Rings extended edition series. Ah-mazing every time.

Goals for 2012 ::

I am getting super ambitious and actually writing down goals this year. I’m loving the whole 12 in ’12 thing, so that’s my theme. Slightly corny maybe. But thank goodness nothing rhymes with twelve, ’cause I am more than tired of corny church slogans {aka: Looking towards heaven in 2011}. Anywho…I have 12 books to read, 12 DIY projects to attempt, and 12 things to do by the end of the year. I may share the book and DIY list here at some point. But they might be too boring, so maybe not. Plus, then I’d actually have to finish all that. Oh yeah, that’s the point. Right…

So I know this is pretty random, but I’ve decided to just blog about life for a while. It’s about the moments on my journey, and I’m going to focus on my moments for right now. I will probably post some things like a recipe for Buffalo Chicken Dip because that’s the best stuff ever. It’s like a legal drug. Speaking of which, I’m going to go get some right now.

Just kidding! Right in the middle of writing this, I go into my back yard to find our sweet puppy carrying a dead bird around the yard like it’s a chew toy. Seriously??!?! What do you do when that happens? I reacted by screaming, yelling, and running. That did wonders for convincing the neighbors we are good, mature people. Good thing he’s going for his rabies and parvovirus shots tomorrow. Excuse me while I go and sanitize our dog.


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  1. Have fun sanitizing the dog :)

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