Hands down, the best part of owning a home is getting to switch those odd things, the things that don’t work for you at all, without getting permission. One thing that we knew had to change was the position of our fridge. We were really lucky in that it was a quick and relatively easy change to make. Most kitchens don’t make it nearly as easy to move fridges around.

Here’s what we were dealing with {this was from when we first looked at the house, with the owner’s furniture still inside}:

fridge before 1

fridge before 2

The fridge faced the entire living area. Not that I don’t like refrigerators, but seeing the ice maker from our couch is not my idea of a good time. So, Andrew and our friend Brian, along with a little help from Brian’s jigsaw, moved our fridge 90 degrees so that the doors now face the kitchen, which, coincidentally, is where we use the fridge. Who woulda thunk it?

fridge after 1

And the now, so much better view from our living room:

fridge after 2

fridge after 3

As you can see from the picture above the fridge barely fits under the cabinet, but all Andrew and Brian had to was cut a small bit of trim away for the freezer hinge. We are planning on nailing the trim piece back in eventually so you can hardly tell that it was taken off. It’s on our massive to-do list.

The only {slight} problem with flipping our fridge a bit is that the freezer door doesn’t open as far as it could due to the counter in the way. Which means fitting a Thanksgiving turkey in there could get dicey, but it works fine for every day type food.

Freezer open

The side of the fridge is a little yucky, but I plan on changing that with a little chalkboard paint. I hope. It could turn really bad, but I am excited to see how it will turn out and will definitely keep y’all posted!

Any tips on painting a fridge or using chalkboard paint??

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