I’ve been reading a lot lately about making goals and taking steps to make those goals a reality. Our Young Married’s Sunday class teacher gave us a great quote that I just love:

“Only 5% of Americans set goals for their lives, but of those who do, 95% of them reach them.”

I don’t know about y’all, but that makes me really want to set some goals in my life! I think one of the biggest reasons that I haven’t set goals previously is because I look at a huge goal, like buying a house, and think of how crazy it is and how hard it would be to do. But if I only take a couple steps back, and look at the big picture while narrowing it down into easy steps, then all of a sudden it doesn’t look so monstrous.

Here are a few things I have been doing over the past couple weeks in order to turn some of my dreams into goals and those goals into reality:

1. Look at the big picture :: I’ve been looking at every area of my life–relationships, work, spiritual, physical, etc.–and making a list of things I want to accomplish. This might sound too easy in this tech-y computer age we live in, but I took some blank pieces of paper and just started writing. For instance, I would write a header such as Physical and then proceed to write everything I could think of that I wanted to accomplish in that category {exercise four days a week, drink 6 glasses of water a day, and so on}.

It really was fun to sit down and just dream for a bit, and I’m trying to write down 100 {some big and crazy, others not so much} goals that I want to complete in the next few years.


2. Breaking it down :: The hardest part of reaching a goal, at least for me, is that bridge between the “I want to” and getting it done. This step is where I take a goal like drink 6 glasses of water a day and turn it into a concrete set of steps to get that that. For instance, I could make one step to carry a water bottle with me to work. Money Saving Mom is doing a weekly post on her goals and steps to those goals. She picks 10 mini-goals to hit every week, and separates them into categories like mothering and business. She’s a very busy lady, and you can tell that making goals has really paid off for her! {download a free weekly goals list that she has made available here}

3. Make it real :: Sure, it’s easy to make the goals and plan all those steps, but the trick is to actually do them. I’m being pretty blunt here, but people who sit on the couch and watch tv every night aren’t going to accomplish very many of their goals {unless of course, their goals is 5 hours of tv a day, in which case a talk about priorities may be in order, eh?}

4. Get some help :: A few ways to help yourself stay motivated:

  • Read everything you can about your goal :: If your big, crazy goal is to learn to quilt, then read some quilters’ blogs, read how-to books about quilting, and even read fiction books about quilters! This may not apply to every goal or every person, but I personally find that reading about it and gaining all the knowledge I can fuels my interest and keeps that desire to accomplish that goal burning brightly.
  • Get accountability :: Exercise is a good one for this, but you can use accountability in almost every area of your goals. Find a buddy or two that won’t make fun of your dreams, but will help to spur you on to reach them! One of your goals might be to learn to cook, and if you have a friend who will teach you or go to classes with you, take them up on it! Find someone who will call you every afternoon to make sure you’ve had your quiet time that morning. It’s hard to quit when you have your own personal fan cheering you on!
  • Drop the negative :: Don’t surround yourself with things that are going to discourage you and drag you down in accomplish that goal! Friends that aren’t encouraging won’t want to help you get anywhere in life. Don’t drop them completely, but don’t spend the majority of your time with them either. Also drop time-wasters like Facebook and television if they are keeping you from what you need to accomplish.

What are you waiting for? Make that list of 100 big, crazy goals with me and lets see how many we can complete!

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1 Comment on Big, crazy goals

  1. music2medicine says:

    This is a great post, Holly, and I couldn’t agree more with the importance of setting goals! What you may think to be your “crazy, unlikely, or seemingly impossible” goals may not be so far fetched. I can say this because my huge, whopper, slightly-insane lifetime goal is to become a medical doctor. I didn’t think it would ever happen, but here I am in the beginning stages of it now! It does seem impossible at times, and truthfully, I may never make it all the way, but I am going to try. Big things are accomplished by little steps. So, yay for goals! :)

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