I have come to discover the wonderful benefits of freezer cooking for our family.  I tried freezer cooking when we were first married and I figured out quickly that it was not going to work for us the conventional way. The conventional way to freezer cook is to make a 9 x 13 pan of some casserole dish, stick that in the freezer, and pull it out and when it comes time for supper. Boom! You have a meal for your family. That works well for families with  four, five, six, or more members, but it doesn’t work well for two people. The first time I tried it, we ate baked ziti for a week.

On Money Saving Mom, a wonderful blog that helps you catch deals and really save some money for your family, Crystal shared her secret to freezer cooking. Instead of cooking like a mad person one day a month and making meals for the entire month, she cooks for one hour one day a week making few things that she can freeze and use, such as chocolate chip pancakes or marinated chicken. At the end of that hour she’s gotten a decent jump start on a few meals.

I decided to give it a try myself this past week, focusing mainly on breakfast foods to begin with. I made 30 pancakes, 14 breakfast burritos, and a blueberry cake, as well as a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough to keep in the fridge and bake as needed.

I used to make granola at almost every week so we would have yogurt and granola for breakfast, but that was getting old and a little too expensive  We were ready for a little bit of a change. That is when I decided to try the freezer cooking, and it has really helped in the mornings. We are able to pull something for breakfast out of the freezer and have a simple, nutritious breakfast in seconds.

Instead of taking one or two hours in one day, I have been making one meal while making supper every night. Last night was breakfast burritos while making cheesy garlic pasta for supper. The night before, I make pancakes while getting our BBQ chicken tortilla supper together.

Over the next few days, I’m going to try to make enough freezer meals to last us a week and a half. Our church’s VBS begins Sunday evening, and it will be so much easier on us to have supper ready to go. I leave the next Monday for a three-day work trip, and since Andrew would like to eat during that time, I’m planning on making it easier on him by having a few meals ready to go as well.

How do you making your meal-time preparations easier? Do you freezer cook or do the OMAC (once a month cooking) thing? Anybody have tips for fitting a ton of food in a small freezer? I’m running out of room!

PS: Take a look at these posts by Money Saving Mom and A Turtle’s Life for more inspiration for freezer cooking.

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3 Comments on Supper is in the…freezer

  1. Emily says:

    I love freezer cooking! I don’t have room or the desire to cook for a month, but I do cook about 10 or so meals at a time…sometimes. Basically, I just have a cooking session when we’re running low on food, and when I feel like it. I’ve frozen our meals in casserole dishes and freezer bags. My favorite and easiest dinner meals to freeze are chicken fajitas, marinated chicken breast, and pizza dough. It’s so nice to just pull it out of the freezer when it’s supper time!!!

  2. Renee says:

    Had to comment and share what has CHANGED my cooking life! I prep the week’s dinners in one hour or less on Sunday afternoon. Cover and put in the fridge and they are ready to pop out and into the oven when it’s dinnertime. Much less daunting than once a month cooking and I love that my meals are not frozen…just kept fresh in the fridge! You should try it! More info here if you want to see my experiences…http://naycauthen.blogspot.com.....-hour.html :)

    • Holly says:

      What a great idea, Renee!! Thanks for the link and I will definitely have to try that. :) Anything to make life easier huh?

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