I had a great time reorganizing our closet/dressers this week as part of week one of Project Simplify at Simple Mom. Now for the recap of my week straightening, purging, organizing, moving, and vacuuming. {Yeah, we had a lot of dust bunnies in our closet…}

Before: The good

The good part about this project is that I have been paring down on my clothes for the past year, so I didn’t have that much to get rid of.

Before: The bad

We live in a trailer, and a rented trailer at that. We have a mini walk-in closet and two dressers in our room. We do have two more closets in the house. One holds our filing cabinet and other office things. The other closet which is in our guest room holds Andrew’s suits, the wedding dress that I’m trying to sell, and a pair of Carhartts {obviously not mine}.  We have this thing about wanting our clothes to be in our bedroom, so we were determined to make this work. Another factor is that one of our dressers belongs to our landlords, so when we move out, we’re down to one dresser {which I’ve used since I was baby, isn’t that neat?}.


Before: The ugly

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. You can tell that I resisted the urge to clean up the mess that was our closet before I snapped these pictures. Wow, that really looks bad doesn’t it?


After: The wonderful


And voila! we have space in our closet!


Oh yes, and my messy shoe boxes are gone!  We finally figured out that if we put all of our clothes on one rack, that I wouldn’t have to play the squeeze-between-the-clothes game every time I need to get to my skirts or dresses like I did before…



And, I learned that even though we’re renting and can’t add built-in shelving to our closet, I can improvise to make my own…



Now, all my clothes except socks and sweaters are in the closet, which is very, very nice! The hanging shelves hold a basket of scarves, long-sleeved shirts, a basket of tanks tops, short-sleeved shirts, and pants/capris. A crate tilted sideways hold sweatshirts, and my “ultra-fancy” shoebox still holds extra purses.

We actually have two whole drawers in my dresser that are completely empty. What an accomplishment! A few more pictures of the transformation…



Andrew did help with this too actually…isn’t he the greatest?? Our “to donate” pile {not including the blanket basket}…


The goal of this challenge focusing more on paring down and simplifying the actual wardrobe, but since I had been doing this already, I focused on simplifying routines. I have been trying to cut down on wasted time, and I found that letting skirts pile up on our blanket basket because I didn’t want to squeeze in to hang them up was wasting time in the long run. So was keeping my clothes in several different places, keeping shoes I wore almost every day in the most difficult to get to places, and hanging my belts in a place that guaranteed that they landed in the laundry basket each week {which was not my intent!}. I’m learning to simplify and do what works for us…even if the crate thing reminds me of my college days!

I definitely love the new closet/dresser arrangement, and Andrew does too. Here’s hoping everything stays as nice as it looks right now!

How did you do with simplifying your closet and wardrobe this week?

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  1. Emily says:

    Holly, I *love* your hanging shelves in the closet!

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